Joan Meade

Living Landscapes

  • Point Lobos

    Point Lobos

    Point Lobos State Natural Reserve, CA. SOLD

  • Wizard Island

    Wizard Island

    Crater Lake, Oregon.

  • Riverside


    San Sebastian, Spain. Accepted for the 65th Annual Durham Art Guild juried exhibition.

  • Solana Beach

    Solana Beach

    near San Diego, California. Currently at Litmus Gallery in Raleigh NC

  • Jensen Beach

    Jensen Beach

    Jensen Beach FL, near Port St. Lucie SOLD

  • Snowy Cut

    Snowy Cut

    New Hampshire. SOLD

  • Grandeur


    Banff NP, Alberta Canada.

  • Pescadoro Point

    Pescadoro Point

    near Carmel, CA.

Welcome to my Site!

I create my landscapes and seascapes using sculptural acrylics to express my passion for the natural world, evoking memories of my travels and flights of imagination.

Featured Paintings


We are overjoyed to own this work of art (Snowy Cut). The powerful depth of field....the lambent sense of forcing us to see the distant horizon. Moreover, you have a wonderful understanding of how to create immediacy--a sense of action--in the panoply of your canvas. I taught Art History 101 for 12 years in a community college environment. Had I had the chance, I would have used you as an exemplum of the brilliance of combining new techniques and media with old and deep insights.
David Buus, AZ
I have collected three pieces of Joan Meade's artwork and am particularly attracted to her seascapes. There she captures texture, especially rock and water, with dramatic skill. All of her work has a great sense of depth and presence. Her pieces represent a great buy and any collector, casual or professional, should be thrilled to have one of her works.
David Ware, VT
Your paintings are truly amazing, I doubt anyone has ever painted anything like this. You will be the new American "Chagall"!
Pierre Schwab, FL
Joan has arrived at a perfect blend of relief structure and the creative inspiration from nature which she has always allowed to guide her. Many artists capture a view; Joan's work has the power to transport you, to allow you to viscerally reconnect with nature, even if you haven't personally gazed upon that scene.
Cecilia Warshaw, NC
These works are breath-taking! You have enlarged your capacity and your technic and your eye and I don't know what all. All of the pieces are so fine! I especially admire the luminescence of your skies and the transparency of the shallow waters. Thank you so much for displaying them. ( Refers to Spring 2013 show)
Mary Le May, NC
I love Joan's painting (Peaks) that hangs at the end of our hallway. Every time I walk toward it and see it "grow" before me, I smile inside.
Steve Warshaw, NC