Joan Meade

Living Landscapes

Frequently Asked Questions

Feel free to ask any other questions about me or my work. I could put your question here for others to see.

About My Work

You've said your art is inspired by your travels. Do you have a sketch or idea before you start?

I start with a charcoal sketch, using multiple photographs I have taken as reference. I choose elements that appeal to me and that make a good composition. If I am at a place long enough, I return again and again to see it in different weathers and light conditions. This helps me to capture the authentic spirit of the place, which is what I am striving to convey, rather than photographic versimilitude. My technique precludes painting on site.

When did you decide to become a full time artist and what led you to this decision?

I have been a painter for most of my life, but as an avocation until 2001. Until then I had a career in architecture. After my retirement, I started painting full time and took a course based on Julia Cameron's book "The Artist's Way". That gave me the courage to exhibit and sell my work beginning in 2003.


Is there anything about the way you produce your art that you you feel is unique or unusual?

I'm told that while many artist use modeling paste and other acrylic media to add texture to their work, it is rare to use them the way I do, that is, to create a realistic landscape or seascape.

What does the term "sculptural acrylic" mean?

The second stage in creating my work after the charcoal sketch is to apply various acrylic media to build up the texture: modeling paste for rocks and trees, and gels and mediums of varying thickness for water and sky. I have then created a relief composition in white, hence the term sculptural acrylic. Applying the color follows, for richness of detail and play of light on the surface. I like to let a little of the white show through in places for added brightness.


I really like one of the paintings on your site. How can I purchase it?

You can email me or give me a call and we can make arrangements for the sale.  or 919-942-6613

How are shipping, handling and tax costs determined?

 I usually use UPS ground, and the shipping cost is a combination of size, weight and distance. I only charge what they charge.

Applicable tax is included in the price.

Do you do commissioned works?

Yes, indeed! If you have a favorite spot, I would be happy to create a painting of it using my sculptural acrylic technique, as long as it has rocks, trees and water ( or at least two out of three!). If I have not been there, I can work from your photos. We would choose the appropriate size together depending on the composition and the price range you desire. A deposit is generally required before commencement of the work.